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Sep 6

Freeware Recommendations

From time to time I find freeware games that are interesting and worth a play, but that don’t really warrant a full review.  Here’s the latest, all of which are playable in your browser:

Brine - Made for Ludum Dare 21, this is a game in which you are underwater, trying to find an exit, while being pursued by a giant, terrifying sea creature. You get a warning when the creature approaches, and you have to find a place to hide or it will eat you.  Once you do a bit of exploration, you will find a gun that you can kill the creature with and escape.  It’s not incredibly deep, but it is fun, and there’s a fair bit of strategy to it.

One Chance - This game just screams Every Day the Same Dream.  Same controls, same day structure, same repeating song, same general feeling of hopelessness.  In this game, you play a scientist who is part of a team that discovered the cure for cancer, only to find out that the cure is deadly, and will kill every living soul on the planet in six days.  The point of the game is to decide how you want to spend those final days - working on a cure, being with your family or something else.  It was a little heavy handed at times, but interesting enough to spend 5-10 minutes on.

Kids - This is a game by Foster Wattles, whose games I have reviewed twice.  I’m including this one here because it has a cool visual aesthetic, great music, and is clearly trying to do something novel - I just can’t quite figure out what that is.  I imagine there’s an interesting story here, if you’re smarter than I am and can find it.