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Freeware Recommendations

From time to time I find freeware games that are interesting and worth a play, but that don’t really warrant a full review.  Here’s the latest, all of which are playable in your browser. Each of these has a unique art style, so even if they don’t sound like something you’d want to play, I recommend hitting the links just to see them.

Appy 1000mg - This is a metroidvania with a little twist.  When you start, you have no memory, but everything seems happy and lovely.  But then someone injects you with something, and the world changes to a nightmare, and the formerly cute slimes become kamikaze enemies that can blow you halfway across the screen.  You can pick up some “Appy” - a sort of pharmaceutical - that will temporarily change the world back to the happy place as you go along.  This is a pretty cool twist on the light world/dark world structure.  It was a little tough for my tastes, but solid as hell, and worth a look for the cool art style alone.  Everything looks like it is made up of these tiny, textured pixels that…well, just click the link, you’ll see what I mean.

ImmorTall - This one is very simple and very short (less than five minutes).  You are an alien that crash lands on Earth (or, I suppose, another place with humans).  You get out of your spaceship and meet several humans, some of which are scared of you, some of which try to kill you, and some you win over by protecting them.  Basically, you just go from left to right, using your body to shield bullets, but there’s an emotional little story there, and the silhouette art style is clean and nice to look at.

One and One Story - This one is your typical “indie puzzle platformer” through and through. It often looks a bit like Braid, it’s got bits of The Company of Myself, but mostly it is a better looking version of Pretentious Game.  There are a whole bunch of levels where you have to get you and your lover, who start on opposite sides of the screen, to kiss.  You know the drill: various changes in mechanics and obstacles will make this harder and harder.  It’s all competently done and quite pretty, it’s just ground that has been covered quite a bit in recent years.