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I just realized something today. The indie game community seems to be better than other indie/underground/alternative communities in one important way: they don’t seem to reject or look down upon success. There is this mindset that exists in other media and movements that, if you start to become noticed or appreciated on a scale with the “big boys,” then you’ve lost some “cred” and you become a pariah in the community that once embraced you.

If you’re an indie punk band and you get a single on the radio, suddenly you’ve “sold out” and the whole community rejects you. Or when a comic book series starts to get noticed by the mainstream (or gets adapted into a movie or TV series), the comic community either rejects the property or rejects new fans. It even happens in non-media movements like cycling or skating - once a broader audience starts to catch on, the original die-hards get upset and possessive and dislike the success.

The indie game community doesn’t seem to do this. When Minecraft blew up and made it’s maker a millionaire, I don’t recall a backlash of people saying he “sold out” or no longer playing the game. Ditto with Super Meat Boy or Limbo or Braid or any of the other big indie successes of the last three years. When these games make it big, everyone plays the games, everyone rejoices in the success, and their creators usually become fan favorites, not pariahs. There’s so much negativity going on in the games industry right now that I just wanted to point out this little realization that gave me good vibes.